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Vaccine victims with no voice (Vol. 14)

'Life...there isn't one'

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December 08, 2022


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Vaccine victims with no voice (Vol. 14)

On December 11, 2020, the Food and Drug Administration authorized the first COVID-19 vaccine made by Pfizer-BioNTech.     

While the pharma companies and medical authorities have profited from every injection, the shots have injured countless people irreparably and destroyed the lives they knew.     

The media will not give voice to these injured whose ranks grow daily.     

Here we share some of their stories, in cooperation with RealNotRare. 

Mallory Flank 

As a critical care paramedic in the military, Mallory Flank believed she should get the COVID-19 injection to protect her patients and children. She received her first Moderna shot in May 2021 and never got a second one. 

Within 10 minutes of the shot, Mallory had an anaphylactic reaction, breaking out into full-blown hives and swelling of her face, tongue and neck. She has experienced a dramatic increase in things she is allergic to, and suffers from daily anaphylactic attacks that usually require epinephrine. 

“Life . . . there isn't one,” says Mallory. “I have to live in a bubble. I am allergic to almost everything. My weight can fluctuate a lot in a day due to swelling and bloating.” 

As far as masks go, the 37-year-old now needs to wear specialized ones and hospital-grade air purifiers. 

“I haven't been able to see or hold my children in over 9 months. My partner and I cannot have a relationship. We have lost everything- our children; our careers; our home; and are about to lose our vehicle. We have spent everything we have trying to get this controlled." 

Mallory says she is now considered an “anti-vaxxer”. 

“I cannot paint- I am allergic to the brushes and the paints themselves. I have a severely restricted diet, but because I have difficulty swallowing, I have to puree what I eat. Even then, I still choke on it. Close your eyes for a second and imagine what it is like to have your neck, face, and tongue swell daily to the point of choking. I am in constant pain.” 

She has so far spent $100,000 on medical care, but doctors won’t entertain the possibility that this might be from the vaccine. 

“I have a test from Germany that SHOWS I am allergic to the COVID antibody, not the excipients. Yet, no one will listen,” says Mallory. 

She adds that ivermectin helped, proving that the antibodies are indeed causing the effects, but it is no longer accessible. 

Menachem Jedwab 

27-year-old Menachem Jedwab had never been to a hospital since he was born. Only once did he need a doctor. That changed after he received his first Pfizer dose in October 2021 which he only did so he would be allowed to attend a wedding according to Victoria law. He had already recovered from COVID. 

The first couple days after the injection, Menachem experienced mild side effects. 

“On the third night, I lay down in bed and noticed that my heart was thumping in my chest,” he recalls. His heart rate was 80bpm. It continued accelerating until it was 150bpm. He began to feel cold and started shaking uncontrollably. 

The hospital ran a series of tests, all of which came back negative. Doctors concluded that it was just a panic attackMenachem's first ever. 

Menachem continued to experience these “panic attacks” once a week. 

“My heart rate would also shoot up to around 115bpm when I drank coffee or alcohol, ate too much, had a hot shower or went outside on a hot day, and while going for a leisurely walk. Attempting a brisk walk, something I had done daily for years, left me completely breathless for up to half an hour.” 

“I also would frequently feel unpleasant sensations and tension in my chest and upper torso which are hard to describe, but were not exactly pain,” he adds. “A commonly recurring one was a very localised sort of pressure, as if I was being poked hard, which I would feel in three points specific spots a few inches from my left armpit.” 

After about six months, Menachem was prescribed ivabradine which brought down the heart rate and lessened the “panic attacks” to only once a month. 

“However, the thumping of my pulse as I lay in bed is still present every single night, even a year later. I feel it throbbing with every beat, in my chest, hands, neck and face. It's impossible to ignore, and every night I just have to wait for exhaustion to take over. Other people can even feel it, if they grip my finger.” 

But even though things have improved significantly, Menachem can’t shake the worst feeling of all: fear. 

“These days I am able to go about my day normally, but the knowledge that cardiac related excess deaths are dramatically elevated across age groups hangs over me like a shadow. I'm genuinely terrified I'll suddenly drop dead, or not wake up one morning, as has been reported in the news about numerous young adults,” he said, referring to a new phenomenon of young, healthy people dying suddenly. “I am scared to resume my exercise routine, afraid that it will trigger something.” 

Elizabeth Tucker 

In November 2021, 38-year-old Elizabeth Tucker walked into CVS to receive her first Pfizer dose so she would be allowed to continue her mission work.  

She left in a wheelchair. 

Fifteen minutes after her injection, Elizabeth’s blood pressure and heart rate began to climb. Her chest began to feel compressed. She felt pressure in her head. She became short-winded. Her hands and feet began to shake. 

Elizabeth lost full control of her limbs and spends most of her time in a wheelchair, though she can use a walker for short spurts around the house. She has to drag her left leg when she does. 

“I have to use a cup with a lid on it, like a toddler, so I don’t spill because of the tremors and weakness,” she says, adding that she also experiences heart problems. 

Elizabeth caught COVID while in the hospital.

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