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UN approves ‘pandemic declaration’ at General Assembly

UN approves ‘pandemic declaration’ at General Assembly

Sep 22, 2023

UN approves ‘pandemic declaration’ at General Assembly


Puerto Rico singled out to be launchpad for wider gender destruction initiatives in Latin America
Alarm grows over major climate proposal to slash flights, food, clothing
South Carolina governor rejects COVID mandates
Canadian school board purges pre-2008 books for ‘anti-racism’
100+ Cleveland schools reject gender ideology

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Globalist unity

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Healthy Vaccine Bias: Letter to the Editor of The Lancet Regional Health – Europe

Eyal Shahar, Brownstone

"Social Justice" Is neither social nor just

David Gordon, Mises Institute

You just have a cold. Don’t give Covidians numbers by testing

RICH CROMWELL, The Federalist

Cancelling Science

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Sarah Perron

Back to Center: 'When we heard about the return of COVID, my daughter lost it'

'It makes her a nervous wreck every time she thinks or hears about it'

Caryn Lipson

Beholden to China . . . WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus - Part 2

China ties made him #1 at WHO

Mark McDonald, M.D.

McDonald: Liberal women desire conservative men

Real masculinity is sexy

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