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More AI experts warn about human extinction

More AI experts warn about human extinction

May 31, 2023

More AI experts warn about human extinction


What's driving today's wars?
Fake milk CEO: Dairy ‘has no right to exist’ due to ‘climate change’
Biden administration sets sights on farmers for causing ‘climate change’
Texas bans genital mutilation surgeries for minors
Serbians surrender firearms as president threatens ‘repressive measures’

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Mary Harrington, UnHerd

Why Gen Z prefer dogs to babies

The climate crisis of 1896

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Mark McDonald, M.D.

McDonald: Reparations rape

Paying blacks for slavery guarantees misery

Sarah Perron

Back to Center: Why would I want to stay home with my kid?

'These conversations set off little whispers of doubt within me about the path I’ve chosen'

Caryn Lipson

Global vaccine messianists - saviors or murderers? Part 1

Why the vaccine campaign continues

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