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Mainstream media silent on high-ranking Biden official charged with felony

CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC ignore report

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November 29, 2022


05:08 AM

Mainstream media silent on high-ranking Biden official charged with felony

Mainstream media outlets are suppressing a Monday report about a senior Biden administration official who was charged with a felony last month for stealing a woman’s handbag. 

On September 16, a woman who flew into the Minneapolis-St. Paul from New Orleans reported her blue Vera Bradley roller bag missing from baggage claim. While combing through airport video surveillance, law enforcement spotted Sam Brinton, deputy assistant secretary at the Energy Department’s Office of Spent Fuel and Waste Disposition, grabbing the $2,325 bag from the carousel and walking away “at a quick pace,” according to a criminal complaint. 

The complaint states that Brinton removed the identity tag on the suitcase and put it in his personal bag. He subsequently checked in with the bag at the InterContinental St. Paul Riverfront hotel. 

Mainstream media

According to the filing obtained by Alpha News, Brinton had not checked in any luggage before his flight, so there was no reason for the official to mistake the bag for his own. 

Brinton brought the bag with him to Washington, D.C. two days later, and still had it on October 9th when he was returning from Europe. 

When the police asked him if he “took anything that did not belong to him,” Brinton said, “Not that I know of.” He later admitted to taking the bag but insisted the clothes inside belonged to him.  

“If I had taken the wrong bag, I am happy to return it, but I don’t have any clothes for another individual. That was my clothes when I opened the bag,” he told police. 

Two hours later, Brinton called the officer back and apologize for not being “completely honest.” He said he took the bag because he was tired and mistook it for his own. When he opened the bag later and realized it wasn’t his, he “got nervous” and stuck the owner’s clothes in the drawers at the hotel. Police found no clothes in the hotel room’s drawers. 

Despite police instructions to return the suitcase, by October 27 the woman still had not received the bag back. 

Brinton faces a court hearing on December 19th in Hennepin County. 

The Biden official suffers from a mental disorder which causes him to claim he is neither man nor woman. He is also known for his sexual degeneracy, having defended underage male prostitution sites, according to the National Pulse. Prior to his employment with the Biden administration, Brinton taught “Kink 101” workshops on college campuses. A photo of Brinton from one of these workshops shows him standing over three men on their hand and knees wearing dog masks. 

Brinton’s felony charge has gone conspicuously unreported by the mainstream media, except for Fox News. As of this writing, there is no mention of the report from CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC or Politico. 

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