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Google hides breaking story about UK pausing boosters for under-50s

Similar searches on alternative search engines yield relevant results

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January 26, 2023


02:30 PM

Google hides breaking story about UK pausing boosters for under-50s

A breaking story about the United Kingdom phasing out COVID-19 boosters for those under 50 cannot be found on the world’s largest search engine.

The UK’s National Health Service (NHS) announced Wednesday that people under 50 who are not at risk for COVID-19 will no longer be eligible for COVID-19 boosters past February 12.   

“The NHS will continue to operate a smaller scale vaccine offer from mid-February onwards to ensure those eligible for first and second doses can still get their jabs,” Health Minister Maria Caulfield said.

The recommendation to end the booster for the younger population came from the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI), which has also recommended that the primary series — the initial doses — be phased out for those not at risk, according to The Epoch Times. No date has been set for ending the primary series for healthier populations, though the JCVI recommends it be done before the end of this year.

“Based on the current data, keeping the booster (third dose) offer open to these groups is considered of limited ongoing value and the overall impact on vaccine coverage is negligible,” the committee said.

While even mainstream media outlets such as Huffington Post, The Mirror and The Sun have reported the story, a search on Google for “UK pauses vaccines for under 50s” or “UK pauses boosters for under 50s” shows no relevant results at the time of publication. A similar search on DuckDuckGo yields several relevant results.

Google has become open about being a politicized bullhorn for globalist operatives and its positive-only approach to the COVID-19 vaccine.

Last year, Google notified human rights group America’s Frontline Doctors that its website,, would be downranked in search results because of the professional medical opinions of its members, which clashed with federal science on COVID-19.  

In October, Google participated in a media blackout when it refused to show bombshell testimony by a Pfizer executive that the pharma giant did not know whether the vaccine stopped transmission when it went to market. Even as of this publication, the only results Google shows on the first page are fact-checks attempting to dilute the story.

The tech giant has done the same to other websites which challenge federally dictated science, including suspending them from YouTube, downranking them and de-platforming their ads.

In September, Google hid from its search results remarks from Rep. Tim Ryan (D-OH) that he wants to “kill and confront that movement,” referring to Trump’s supporters. Instead, Google placed old media stories about a Republican legislator who offended Democrats and divisive rhetoric from Joe Biden. 

The same month, a United Nations official boasted that the globalist organization partnered with Google to feed the public its “climate change” narrative.

But Google’s COVID-19 activism is not just limited to its search engine. The mega corporation also worked with the Massachusetts Department of Health (DPH) to tap into over one million Android smartphones for contact tracing, according to a class-action lawsuit filed against the commonwealth.

Google’s censorship also extends to its other products, such as Google Maps.

In August, America’s Frontline News reported that in cooperation with Democratic lawmakers, Google will no longer show crisis pregnancy centers in Google Maps when users search for abortion-related services in their location. Crisis pregnancy centers provide financial and medical assistance to help mothers carry their pregnancies to full term.  

Google has admitted to having regular meetings with top government officials about what content to censor.

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