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Fact Check: Are prosecutors preparing homicide charges against Fauci, others?

Dr David Martin says he's working with law enforcement to charge health officials

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January 26, 2023


02:26 PM

Fact Check: Are prosecutors preparing homicide charges against Fauci, others?

A video circulating on Twitter features Dr. David Martin saying that various law enforcement agencies are working together to criminally charge the leading health officials involved in promoting the COVID mRNA injections. Also targeted, according to Martin, are the promoters of hospital protocols calling for the administration of a powerful, high-risk medication to treat COVID positive patients.

U.S. District Attorney's and U.S. Sheriffs working together to criminally charge Anthony Fauci, Ralph Baric, Peter Daszak and many others for racketeering, collusion in creating the Wuhan virus and premeditated murder of thousands by Remdesivir and Covid Vaccines.

The embedded video covers both the mRNA injections and the COVID treatment (Remdesivir), featuring experts, like Dr. Peter McCullough, discussing their dangers and clips of Fauci calling for coercion of the masses to submit to the vaccine. The video concludes with Martin assessing the possibility of criminal charges.

What's being done right now, is working together with some very courageous sheriffs, some very courageous DAs, what we're now doing is we're compiling a series of actions, where we have now thousands of patients who have died, and we're aggregating those into unified actions, so that we can actually make a very public statement of what is in fact the felonies we hope to end up with. [16:45-17:16].


Martin, whose LinkedIn profile indicates he received a PhD in Physiology and Sports Medicine, has been investigating the mRNA injections, mandates and treatments as potential crimes for some time. In January 2021 Martin published a "Fauci Dossier," and in a video posted in November 2021, of what appears to be Martin's speech at the Red Pill Expo Conference in Lafayette, Louisiana, he walked an audience through a power point presentation including a slide entitled, "The COVID Treasonous Acts." By then, Martin had identified specific criminal statutes under which he was pursuing public health officials. 


Indictment ready

By May 2022, Martin publicized a draft indictment listing the prosecutor as “Attorney General with a Conscience.” The defendants are listed as Anthony Fauci and Peter Daszak, for funding the weaponizing of a coronavirus through defendant Ralph Baric's gain-of-function research at the Wuhan lab, and Alex Azar who used tax payer funds to purchase 500,000 Remdesivir treatment courses as HHS Secretary, despite what Martin says is the drug's 53% kill rate. Pfizer, the CDC and others are additional defendants.

The proposed charges include those he identified months earlier and more: Domestic Terrorism, Funding and Creating a Biological Weapon and Lying to Congress. In a Zoom call with a group of Canadian scientists and activists that was uploaded to Rumble in May 2022, Martin sets out the basis of the indictment, according to a transcript of the call.

This is a case of murder. It is not a case of disease, it is not a case of pandemic, this is a case of murder and the people currently doing delivery of the agent of that murder are, in fact, people who wear lab coats. If they wore anything else, if they wore hoodies, if they wore anything else, we’d call them ‘murderers’. Right now, we call them ‘doctors’.

The fact of the matter is, this is premeditated global terrorism. This is premeditated domestic terrorism and this is premeditated racketeering.

Gathering evidence

Martin added that by May 2022 prosecutors were already working with him.

[W]e have three different law enforcement agencies who, in fact are working with us right now on the development of the very first criminal indictment

What was missing, though, were specific victims living in the jurisdictions of prosecutors who were willing to proceed against health officials. Martin therefore implored victims and their relatives to go to a website called “Prosecute Now” that was set up to document injuries and damages caused by the injections and mandates. The site invites people to enter basic information and record a video describing their medical injury or workplace discrimination.

Remdesiver connection

Martin considers Remdesivir to be a key to the prosecutions. 

And just to put a fine point on this thing: Ralph Baric at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, in addition to being the architect of the spike protein weaponized to destroy humanity also holds patent interest in the invention of Remdesivir, which was known in its clinical trials in the early 2000s to be lethal when used in patients for a number of other pathogens.

And willfully and knowingly distributing an agent that is, in fact known to be harmful and fatal to humans is Premeditated Murder.

Appearing in a June 2022 Rumble video, Martin says that he was looking for a specific type of victim to create the most ironclad criminal case.

[T]o make a really good prosecution you need a very particular profile, and so what we're looking for . . . we've already found a couple . . . we're looking for patients who were injected with at least one . . . of the mRNA shots . . . and then within 14 days . . . were hospitalized, given Remdesivir and then died. Those particular cases are the ones that we can take to DAs and to sheriffs and to prosecutors and the great news . . . is we have a number of prosecutors who are now willing to take the case . . . we have sheriffs in a lot of counties around the country who are willing to take this up. . . . Shot with the mRNA and treated with Remdesivir . . . Fauci has his finger on both guns [8:25-10:20].

What's new?

In the June 2022 Rumble video, Martin said that “a lot” of prosecutors are ready to move forward with criminal cases against public health officials for their role in pushing mRNA injections and treatment with Remdesivir. In the current Twitter video, Martin does not describe the role of prosecutors as being anything beyond what he said in the earlier video, instead continuing to focus on the work he's doing in “compiling a series of actions” and “aggregating” them, “so that we can actually make a very public statement of what is in fact the felonies we hope to end up with.”

Willing to review

Thus, while Martin's investigations may well be progressing, and certain prosecutors may have agreed to review the evidence he gathers, a search of speeches by Martin has not produced a statement that prosecutors have actually taken up the case, are conducting their own independent investigations or are preparing charges. 

Not accurate

We therefore consider the following text accompanying the Martin video to be unsupported (and we also note that, technically, federal prosecutors are referred to as U.S. Attorneys and sheriffs would be local sheriffs).

U.S. District Attorney's and U.S. Sheriffs working together to criminally charge Anthony Fauci …  

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