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Exclusive: Latin American doctors, lawyers, journalists discuss Brazil tyranny

Had effective resistance been offered, would governments have imprisoned entire populations?

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December 09, 2022


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Exclusive: Latin American doctors, lawyers, journalists discuss Brazil tyranny

Faced with the news of the massive protests in Brazil due to electoral fraud, thousands, if not millions, of people have taken to the streets.

Frontline News asked professionals from across Latin America and Spain whether they believe opposing tyranny can be effective. Had effective resistance been offered, would governments have mandated face masks and green passports to travel, shop, or work? Would they have imprisoned entire populations in their own homes as they did?

What difference does it make when the people show their discontent, instead of lowering their heads to accept mistreatment, violation of their rights, draconian laws, the theft of their freedom, and being told what to do by bureaucrats and agencies unqualified for the function? And what are the lessons for Brazil?

Clínica del Sur Medical Clinic Director Dr. Patricia Callisperis in La Paz, Bolivia told Frontline News: “People are beginning to open their eyes and realize that there is manipulation - not only with the issue of the pandemic - but with a series of worldwide events.

“What’s happening in Brazil is a protest to defend God, homeland, and family headed by a person whom they’ve tried to humiliate through the international media in favor of all the European interests in the Amazon. I believe that Bolsonaro is fighting for a corruption-free Brazil where human beings can work and express themselves freely."

Dr. Callisperis continues: “From the beginning he was aware that this mass vaccination was reckless and inconsistent, and they’ve used that to try to bring him down.

“Regarding the pandemic, many people still find it difficult to believe they’ve been deceived, especially in the medical field. I believe there are many colleagues who maintain their own lie because they want to believe that what they said is true, they don’t want to accept the mistake of having been deceived.

“This transition period is very important because although there are many people who are already suspecting, doubting, or who have confirmed that all this has been a lie, there are many others who are afraid to open their eyes, to face the truth, afraid of get out of their comfort zone, because while you’re propagandized by your government and occupied bringing food to your children, it’s difficult to go out, face a system, and leave your comfort. They don’t have a true global human conscience to achieve a large movement.

“And what’s coming isn’t going to be easy; it’s going to be very sad because the evidence is already there. Sooner or later, we’re going to demand explanations from our governments because we’re already seeing an increase in sudden death, cancer, and we’re seeing young people die. The rate of serious diseases has increased not only in Bolivia but worldwide. We’re seeing that the falsehood created to make you believe that those who didn’t get vaccinated were antisocial, that those of us who spoke against vaccines were the bad guys in society. People are becoming aware. There are many people who call me and ask, ‘Doctor, what do I do?’ What we, a group of doctors are looking for are those answers but based on scientific evidence, not on belief, because in reality we don’t know what these vaccines contain; there are assumptions about various substances but the real content, we don't have it yet.

“It’s obvious that Bolsonaro has to be very cautious, there will be a large movement that we know to be the dark side of humanity who want to achieve transhumanism and who are going to attack him. Mainly Europe, because of the issue of the Amazon, will try to make the world see it as a coup, which it is not. I believe that Bolsonaro is playing very well the chess pieces that have led him to make decisions very cautiously, with great wisdom, and absolutely within the constitutional framework.

“It’s clear how the mass media such as CNN, BBC, and others don’t show what’s happening in Brazil. We know they follow the World Cup, and now they’re not following the World Cup because they’re focused on their freedom.

“I think this is one of the most important signs showing the world that mainstream media isn’t showing the truth. We see how the media lie to us, how they transmit information favorable to their ends and not the truth.”

Doctors for Truth co-founder Dr. Natalia Prego Cancelo, MD is a medical specialist in family and community medicine from Spain. She agrees that the media plays a vital role in creating divisions and spreading government disinformation: “The protests in Brazil are against something manifestly clear and objective. Generally, in other countries there isn’t anything to clearly fight for on a social level. On the other hand, dissent is intentionally divided to reduce its force.”

Attorney William Sánchez Aveiga from Ecuador told Frontline News: “The issue of Brazil worries and alarms everyone because it is the largest country in South America and a great power, no question.

“What has happened in the political arena affects us all and endangers democracy throughout the region. Being out of Brazil we can only pray that things come to a happy conclusion because the fanatics of the right or the left are going to see things according to the glasses they put on, and the people who are with Bolsonaro will have a different opinion than those who are with Lula and will consider it irrefutable.

“Not only in South America but also in the U.S., doubts about the electoral results are frequent, so Brazil is not an isolated case.

“It would be very unfortunate if Brazil finds itself in a civil war, because we find a country divided in equal parts. Because Bolsonaro's people still hold power, but Lula's people are not going to sit idly by if the situation proves Bolsonaro right, causing the elections to be annulled and affirming his stay in the palace of government.

“Regarding the question of why people did not go out to the streets during the pandemic, they are different issues, because the COVID issue affects much more. They are not political-partisan issues but issues of life and freedom; people do not understand them.

“I have come to the conclusion that the people who support us do so because they are against the current government, they do not do so convinced that there is a global macro plan that the new world order is pursuing by setting up a system that takes away our citizenship. Because by stripping us of our citizen rights, which are the backbone of citizenship, they turn us into subjects, or practically, pets.

“I have spoken to people who are ostensibly on our side, but when you dig a little deeper into their ideas, you find a different reality. If the president of Ecuador was someone else, somebody they like (without mentioning names) they would be supporting him. So there is no underlying awareness. It is unfortunate because the less awareness there is of reality, the easier it is to continue deceiving, and the easier it is to go further with this malignant plan while it is difficult to bring these criminal organizations before ordinary justice.

“Let's see how we can intervene, because the voice of those who are awake could always wake up those who are asleep, but it is a ‘could’ with no guarantee. Unfortunately, Latin American peoples in particular - who are very similar to Europeans and Asians - live a numbness, a crisis of ignorance, they are easy to deceive and highly manipulable through fear.”

Similar sentiments were expressed by Eduardo Barba, an investigative journalist from Quito, Ecuador.  Currently a human rights activist and member of the Ecuadorian Collectives in Defense of Civil Rights, Barba told Frontline News: “The human being has had an imprint engraved in his brain by the media for almost three years by social programming. When a person is convinced of an idea, it is very difficult to change. The only way to change is to be shocked, and the only way to achieve shock is for death to knock on the door, your own or that of a relative.

“I have spoken with people who decided to get vaccinated, their entire family vaccinated, and after two years of debates, little by little they begin to realize that something is wrong, they have doubts, they begin to see that vaccinated people, their own relatives, or even themselves, start to have health problems that were out of their orbit because of their lifestyle, because they never had these types of problems. Then the light of truth appears, but sometimes it remains hidden in fear.

“People who are in resistance have to reinvent their awareness mechanisms all the time. It’s not the same to talk about resistance a year ago as it is today; today it’s easier to convince people. The difficult thing is for people who have been convinced to make a decision, not to block themselves. There are many people committing suicide around the world, saying: ‘This no longer has a solution, there’s no hope.’ The rate of suicides around the world has risen - here in Ecuador by more than 100%.

“I believe that society, despite all the negative things that have been taking place in recent years, after this historic change produced by the pandemic, has simultaneously given rise to patience, an awakening of many millions of human beings and among them the public servants of different countries, the police, the army, health workers even; many people have been waking up. The doctors have also reached an extreme point of throwing away their medical gown. It’s a symbol of resistance.

“Perhaps what most worries these people who have tried to play with human intelligence all over the planet is that people doubt. It is the deepest thing we have achieved. We achieved it because there are millions of awake people; professionals, scientists, doctors, military, and all kinds of citizens who already tired of the deception and took the initiative, with massive concentrations in the squares, mass speeches by high-level doctors worldwide, warnings. The entire planet cannot be silenced; they’ll be able to silence some dissenting voices but it isn’t enough and they know it.

“Here in Ecuador there are many people - including the Ecuadorian army and the police - whose doubts led them to refuse vaccination, strong personal and legal decisions military or police officers who said ‘no thanks’ to their superiors; here the vaccine could not be imposed as mandatory. The authorities aren’t trained to face a draconian act of imposition by hook or by crook, we never in the history of the Republic of Ecuador had scenarios where all rights were suppressed.

“The armed forces and police weren’t strong enough. They have the means, but not the moral force to affect the entire people because that people are their own families. We had a huge number of people in the police and military who said, ‘I won’t push anybody to take the vaccine.’ Although they are obliged by law to obey, obedience has its limit.

"Article 98 of the Ecuadorian constitution says that obedience to the law has a limit. When a public official transgresses human rights, he loses his moral authority, and therefore his decisions lose legitimacy.”

Dr. Maria Teresa Illares from Nicaragua is an internist. As director of the Santo Domingo Clinic, she opened her medical practice in 2010: “All countries should have gone out to the streets, but the social engineering that the elites performed to misinform and scare the worldwide population was very intricate. And the ultimate goal, which is clear to those who are awake, is to reduce the world’s population with genetic experiments called vaccines.”

Brazilian physicians themselves tell a story of hope and despair, confidence in their professional ability to treat disease up against suppression of science by the global governance/pharma/mainstream media juggernaut.

Dr. Roberto Zeballos, MD, PhD is a general practitioner, immunologist, and allergist who graduated from Escola Paulista de Medicina of the Federal University of São Paulo in 1986. He is founding member emeritus of the Brazilian Society of Internal Medicine, and holds a masters and a doctorate in Immunology from Unifesp and Scripps Clinic and Research Foundation in La Jolla, California, respectively. He has published several papers in international journals and lectured to physicians and medical students in the United States and Mexico, in addition to directly participating in training residents at Green Hospital, La Jolla, California.

Frontline News asked whether Dr. Zeballos noticed restrictions or curtailment of his medical practice during the pandemic. “During the COVID period I did not notice any restriction to my work, but I did realize that the fact-checking agencies were persecuting me in order to reduce my credibility, knowing that we were pioneers in understanding the mechanism of the disease and had been successfully treating it since March 2020.”

How did the Federal Council of Medicine (CFM) support medical freedom?

“The Federal Council of Medicine was brilliant because it guaranteed the freedom of doctors, unlike other countries such as Australia where doctors were punished if they prescribed certain medications, even respecting the principle of no harm, which is what we always do when faced with a new situation in agreement with the patient. The Helsinki Treaty says this. So, I thought it was super cool.”

How do you view the conduct of the CFM before the action of the Supreme Federal Court (STF) in the case of Drs Cadegiani and Zimmerman?

“In relation to the action of the Federal Supreme Court in the case of Cadegiani and Zimmerman, I don't know what action they took. I only know that they are brilliant scientists and that they did an ethics study properly, and I don't know what the reason is, but it seems to me to be something personal. This is not healthy for medicine.”

Do you see a relationship between the actions related to the pandemic in the medical field and the loss of individual liberties, in general?

“From the beginning they claimed that the lockdowns were to bolster the system and not clog the hospitals due to the high number of cases simultaneously without an adequate hospital infrastructure. A country that has adequate infrastructure solves this issue with field hospitals in two months at most, even less.

“But after a while this became an obligation without the nexus of putting patients at low risk, because if you aren’t exposed to the virus, you don't develop natural immunity, which is the most efficient of all. Today we know this, and we know that spike protein does not stimulate the production of memory cells different from the capsid nucleus, which is much less toxic.

“So we know that natural immunity is much more durable. And what happened was that I realized that if one analyzes, as I always do, the cost-benefit of these immunogenetic vaccines, of producing virus proteins with genetic information, one ends up questioning the cost-benefit of the need to have a vaccine passport, and is then held up as a denier.

“If we had been silenced for denying the Greek idea of the atom we never would have understood that the atom is not an indivisible particle, and it is not! There has to be questioning, and with COVID, this questioning has always been forbidden.

“As for the health passport, we were working on the frontline and always saw patients getting infected after 2, 3, or 4 doses of vaccine and they transmitted the same. The studies are all like this.  And then you see a health passport and you see that they want to force your child to take the vaccine or else he won't study, and I was against this.

“But thanks to the Federal Council of Medicine and the federal government at the time, we managed to make it non-compulsory, which would have been a very serious problem, because everybody knows, including the manufacturers, that these immunizations involve a risk, and everything that involves a risk, the person has the right to choose and to analyze the cost-benefit for himself.”

MPV coordinator Dr. Antonio Jordão agrees, saying medical tyranny is contributing to general tyranny.

“Medicine evolves through scientific evidence and ethics, principles inseparable from its existence. And its guardian is the physician, who must exercise it with autonomy, honor, and dignity. If the medical professional moves away from these fundamentals, he will be contributing to its destruction.”

He explains: “In totalitarian states, we can perceive the deviation of purpose proportional to the deviation of the physician's conduct. It would be the permissiveness, practiced in a forced or voluntary manner by the professional. It happens when the physician distances himself from Hippocrates and approaches Joseph Mengele, for example. When the doctor stops following the dictates of his conscience and obeys the orders of a tyrant.

“In the current historical scenario, tyranny takes on a new guise: Order does not come by the threat of the bayonet, but by voluntary adherence through money or status. The instruments of persuasion are more subtle, psychological in nature, working the petty human ego to promote deviation of conduct.
“In a recent article published in October 2022, French scientist Fabien Deruelle demonstrated how manipulation takes place by the new form of tyranny promoted by the pharmaceutical industry, which co-opts doctors and various social sectors to achieve its intent:

"’The COVID-19 period highlights a huge problem that has been developing for decades, the control of science by industry. In the 1950s, the tobacco industry set the example, followed by the pharmaceutical industry. Since then, the latter has been regularly condemned for illegal marketing, misrepresentation of experimental results, concealing information about the dangers of drugs, and is considered criminal. Therefore, this study was conducted to show that knowledge is powerfully manipulated by harmful corporations whose objectives are: 1) Financial, and 2) To suppress our ability to make choices in order to acquire global control of public health,’ states Deruelle, who goes on to detail such modus operandi.

“When physicians and other scientists give in, ‘flexibilize,’ or make concessions to scientific and ethical independence, they kill their commitment to humanity.

“Currently, medical societies no longer express the thinking of all their members, but often only the position of their president, who is frequently compromised by conflicts of interest. At the expense of the murder of scientific debate.

“People with evident conflicts of interest are in key decision-making positions: as a professor, preceptor, scientific consultant, guest in "multicenter studies", in the presidency of a medical entity, in technical chambers of regulatory agencies and ministries of health, health councils, and medical regulatory bodies.”

Dr. Eduardo Leite from Brazil concurs.  Specializing in general and trauma surgery, he headed General Surgery and Trauma at Hospital Getúlio Vargas and Hospital Santo Antônio in Salvador BA, Brazil. He is team leader at Hospital Getúlio Vargas, Director General of Hospital Geral Cleriston Andrade, and head of General Surgery and Trauma in Feira de Santana.

He wrote two books about corruption in health, a book about COVID, and co-authored a book that deals, among other topics, with corruption in health in Brazil.

“At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, we initially didn't understand why there was no treatment for the SARS-CoV-2 virus. The WHO and other national and international medical entities' orientation was that the only thing to be done was to isolate the patient and, if the patient got worse with shortness of breath, the only way out was to go to the hospital.

“How is it that in the 21st century the only alternative for this new pandemic was the same as in the 19th century during the Spanish flu period? Does the process of curing a new or old flu syndrome depend only on drugs or vaccines? Have they forgotten the various options in the healing process?

“Something was strange. Financial interest? Geopolitical domination under the tutelage of European and North American mega financial groups?

“Formerly respectable scientific journals began to disregard the basics of science and the healing process, to focus solely and exclusively on a vaccine still under study. The alarmist contribution of a consortium of national and international press associated with unjustified censorship on social platforms explicitly demonstrated that the medical class was being manipulated and at the service of geopolitical interests.

“Scientific discussion was relegated to outside the academy and became a discussion where ego and ideology predominated. Being a doctor for 47 years, I was shocked by this discussion and lack of respect for patients.  I always thought that there would be a way, the main one being to care for and treat from the beginning, as we learned to treat any flu. Thus, I proceeded.

“Through discussions with colleagues and studying the work of respected scientists, we felt safe and treated patients in the initial phase and began to share our experiences. In 2020, with no vaccine for the COVID-19 virus, we counted 1,300,000 deaths supposedly caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus, and in 2021, with more than 50% of the population vaccinated, this number had doubled. The question remains: what is this vaccine?”

Doctors for Truth Ecuador Founder Dr. Mauricio Quiñonez told Frontline News: “A total transformation of the planet is what is sought, a single government, that is to say, the New World Order.

“Brazil is one of the countries that, in the figure of Bolsonaro, apparently resists this New World Order, supported by a majority.

“But remember that Left and Right came together at the time of the plandemic to liquidate the world population. So here we cannot tear ourselves apart defending one side or the other; we must advocate for the common good, and that common good occurs in direct democracy, not this manipulated system of elections forged long ago.”

Dr. Callisperis: “Brazil is going to be the light and beacon for the whole world. It’s time for human beings to understand that they can fight for their freedoms without being subjected to authoritarian systems hiding behind a disguise of freedom and democracy."

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