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Editorial: Holocaustizing the Trivial

Rather than serving 'Never Again', the Shoah Industry facilitates totalitarianism

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January 27, 2023


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Editorial: Holocaustizing the Trivial

The Shoah Industry, with its Holocaust museums and watchdog groups, is dedicated to propagating the myth that nothing could have been done to stop the Nazi extermination of European Jewry. Until the ramifications of this revisionist flaw are understood and corrected, their elusive “fight against antisemitism” will continue to achieve the opposite of its (ostensibly) intended effect. Rather than serving the sacrosanct ideal of “Never Again,” the Shoah Industry – of which the Holocaust museums are a central pillar – will continue to function to whitewash and facilitate global totalitarianism.

Consider the statement that appears on the Bergen-Belsen Memorial website: “We strive for an examination that invites self-reflection. In doing this, we resolutely oppose conspiracy narratives, the relativization of the Shoah and historical revisionism, as expressed, for example, at the demonstrations against an alleged ‘Corona dictatorship.’”

Indeed, in last year's Israeli Holocaust Day coverage, Israel National News (Arutz Sheva) wrote: “Comparisons between government-required vaccination and the Jews' situation in the Holocaust lead to a trivialization of the Holocaust.”

Alongside this categorical assertion, the very same article, titled "Struggle is failing": Antisemitism peaked globally in 2021, is at a loss to explain why “something just isn't working. In recent years the fight against antisemitism has enjoyed extensive resources worldwide, and yet, despite many important programs and initiatives, the number of antisemitic incidents, including violent assaults, is rapidly escalating.”

Since that article wondered why “something isn't working” last year, Ron Jager this month reported: “This past year, major Jewish organizations have announced that they have embarked on major campaigns aimed to fighting anti-Semitism. These organizations have infused hundreds of millions of dollars into these campaigns, with little if any noticeable reduction in anti-Semitic attacks, or empirically measurable efficacy.”

Who presides over the Shoah Industry? Why does “antisemitism” seem to increase in direct proportion to its fundraising successes? How do they maintain their authoritative preeminence despite their dismal ineffectiveness? Does their admitted ineffectiveness reflect mere well-meaning buffoonery, or deliberate policy? And if the answer is the latter, what is the goal of this policy, and how does it determine official attitudes and responses to human rights abuses and bio-totalitarianism?

To examine the comparison between modern-day medical mandates and the Jews' situation in the Holocaust, Frontline News asked criminal justice and social policy expert Dr. Josh Guetzkow whether he believes such claims minimize the enormity of the Nazi genocide of the Jews: “During the pandemic, the principle of informed consent was violated by nearly every government worldwide. The principle of informed consent is enshrined in the Nuremberg code, which was drafted as a direct response to many of the atrocities carried out during the Holocaust.”

Prof. Guetzkow continued: “I was troubled by the Israeli government's adoption of the green pass, which punished people for not agreeing to consent to what was, at the time, still considered an experimental medical treatment, with Israel lauding itself as the world's laboratory.

"What other government in the world should view the principles embodied in the Nuremburg code as sacrosanct if not Israel? And yet they discarded it without blinking an eye.”

How can this seemingly inexplicable behavior by Israel – “the Jewish State” – be explained? 

Research on award-winning journalist Steve Rodan's book In Jewish Blood: The Zionist Alliance with Germany, 1933-1963 began in 2010, to examine the Zionist pact with Nazi Germany in 1933 known as the “Transfer Agreement”.  In his Foreword, he writes: "But the books and articles almost invariably ended with the late 1930s, and the impression was that the Transfer Agreement had died with the onset of World War II. There was literature on the Zionist cooperation with the German invaders of Poland and the Zionist domination of the Judenrat. Missing was the role of the Zionist leadership in Jerusalem and its connection to the Jewish ghettos of Europe. There were articles critical of the Zionist policy of selecting the few for rescue while turning away the masses, but very little on the motivation of the Jewish Agency and Zionist leadership. Indeed, the role of the agency was usually distorted, its senior members seen as too busy running the Jewish community in Palestine to have time for the war in Europe.

"Most of the early research for this book was in archives rummaging through thousands of pages of microfilm and dusty books of the protocols of meetings by the Jewish Agency and Zionist leadership more than 80 years ago. Eventually, a picture emerged of a Zionist elite – whether in London, Jerusalem, or New York – that planned for a Europe without Jews. The determination at the top was that a Europe without Jews would be good for everybody and could even avoid another war. With the relationship with Hitler intact, the Zionist leadership hoped that it could take over the decimated Jewish communities of Germany, Austria, Bulgaria, Italy, Poland, Romania, Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia and other Axis-occupied countries. The Zionists would be the real victors of the war, enriched by the vast Jewish assets left behind by the victims of the Germans. It would be a repeat of the unsuccessful Zionist campaign to take over the Jewish communities during and after World War I.

"As research progressed, one thing became clear. Nothing of the Zionist narrative – whether the relationship with Germany or even the founding of the State of Israel – could be taken at face value. The numerous books by Israeli, British and American authors granted access to the mostly-sealed state archives harped on the same theme: The Zionists had nothing to do with Germany's war against the Jews; the Transfer Agreement was purely financial. In the overall picture, it meant little if anything. The Jews were powerless to stop Hitler or his killing machine. The fact that Zionists had collaborated with the Reich made no difference in the Final Solution.

"As it turned out, these authors were highly selective in their use of archival evidence. They ignored countless high-level discussions in which Jewish rescue was dismissed, cooperation with the S.S. recommended, and the hope that Germany would be once again embraced as an ally as well as the source of massive reparations after the war.

"The archives also showed how much effort the Zionist and later the Israeli leadership invested in revising the historical record. The leadership established institutions and worldwide programs to groom young researchers to portray Zionists as the heroes of World War II. Those who disagreed were boycotted, their doctoral theses rejected, their books and articles banned. An Israeli narrative was formed in which the worst of the Zionist collaborators were touted as saviors and their critics depicted as liars. The leadership transformed Germany into the historical ally of the Jews, the killing of the six million merely a blip on a glorious past and a promising future.

“To understand the research required frequent revisiting of documents, correspondence, memorandums and protocols. What was dismissed at first reading became important years later. The chain was long and not all the pieces fit. The State of Israel and its institutions have shut their archives to all but the most trusted. Still, what was available formed a clear picture, and in the end, sufficient evidence emerged to establish a German-Zionist alliance that began before the ascent of Hitler and lasted well into the 21st Century. Germany has remained an inspiration to and financial source of a Zionist elite that regard Jews as commodities in the quest for money and power – whether in Israel or abroad.”

Frontline News asked Rodan if new information has come to light since publishing his book. "Over the last few years, Israeli institutions that deal with the Holocaust, particularly Yad Vashem, have been involved in one episode or scandal after the other.

"The reason is because new evidence is coming out that clearly contradicts or disproves the Zionist narrative that they were heroes and saved Jews during the war, and if they couldn't do it, it was because no one knew about it, and no one could do it.

"One of the main episodes was the Yad Vashem whitewash of the Mufti. The head of Yad Vashem said last year that the Mufti, Haj Amin al Husseini, played a minor role in the Holocaust. This is a complete lie, and independent historians can tell you this, but more important is that the State of Israel had been saying that the Mufti played a major role in the Holocaust – until Israel began courting the Gulf Arab states, some of whom actually have given money to Israeli institutions, including Yad Vashem.

"Another thing is that the Israeli schools are bringing in German curriculum on history, which whitewashes the Holocaust, which clearly whitewashes German responsibility, same narrative: 'No one knew; the Germans didn't know. In fact it was only Hitler and a few of his other people who knew,' etc.

“The Israeli schools are also bringing in the rehabilitation of the whitewashing of Rudolf Kastner in the schools. He's now seen as a misunderstood hero.”

Dr. Rudolph (later Israel) Kastner was head of the Jewish Agency Rescue Committee in Hungary and later was appointed Israeli Trade and Industry Ministry Spokesman. He was accused in a 1953 pamphlet written by a Holocaust survivor of collaborating with the Nazis during the war, the only crime to merit the death penalty in Israel (Nazi and Nazi Collaborators (Punishment) Law, 1951).

Towards the end of the war, the S.S. Colonels in Budapest were faced with the capture and deportation of eight hundred thousand Jews to be killed in Auschwitz with only 150 S.S. soldiers and five thousand Hungarian gendarmes to execute the task.

The S.S. Colonels wished to avoid another Warsaw Ghetto uprising, in which for twenty-seven days Jews armed with pistols, clubs, and broken bottles stood against German tanks, cannon, machine guns, and the Luftwaffe, causing many German deaths and casualties.

In the trial resulting from the Israeli government indictment of the Holocaust survivor author of the 1953 pamphlet, Dr. Kastner admitted that Eichmann told him he wished to avoid a second Warsaw. The only possible way of getting Hungary's Jews to Auschwitz was to keep them ignorant of their fate.

In the 1955 Kastner trial itself, Judge Binyamin HaLevi wrote in his verdict: "The sacrifice of the vital interests of the majority of the Jews, in order to rescue the prominents, was the basic element in the agreement between Kastner and the Nazis. This agreement fixed the division of the nation into two unequal camps: a small fragment of prominents, whom the Nazis promised Kastner to save, on the one hand, and the great majority of Hungarian Jews whom the Nazis designated for death, on the other hand. An imperative condition for the rescue of the first camp by the Nazis was that Kastner will not interfere in the action of the Nazis against the other camp and will not hamper them in its extermination.

"Kastner fulfilled this condition. He concentrated his efforts in the rescue of the prominents and treated the camp of the doomed as if they had already been wiped out from the book of the living.

"One cannot estimate the damage caused by Kastner's collaboration and put down the number of victims which it cost Hungarian Jews. These are not only the thousands of Jews in Kluj alone, but also the thousands of Jews in Nodvarod or any other community in the border area; Jews who could escape through the border, had the chief of the rescue committee fulfilled his duty towards them." (Judgement of Judge Dr. Binyamin HaLevi, President of the Jerusalem District Court, June 22, 1955, Protocol, C.C. 124/53 in the District Court of Jerusalem)

Rodan continues: "The State of Israel has equipped Ukraine and its Azov Battalion, which is the reserve of the National Guard. A pure Nazi organization.

“So the Holocaust plays a very, very small role in the State of Israel, and mostly for propaganda and financial purposes. It sounds harsh, but it's the truth.”

Thus, Israeli Knesset Member Gadi Yevarkan more than a year ago was punished for learning history's lessons. Yevarkan, an Ethiopian member of the Likud party, was ejected from a Knesset hearing after using the term “concentration camps” during a debate over restrictions on the unvaccinated. Then-Health Minister Nitzan Horowitz called Yevarkan's comments "sickening," claiming they “border on Holocaust denial.” (Horowitz was caught on live microphone admitting the Green Passport had no medical justification, but rather is designed to inflict psychological pressure to make life difficult until one breaks and gets vaccinated.)

It was then no surprise when UK Parliament Member Andrew Bridgen earned similar opprobrium and suspension from the Conservative party for calling the COVID experiments the “biggest crime against humanity since the Holocaust.”

Jews for Justice Founder Andrew Barr wrote that those identifying discrimination against the unvaccinated as matching the early stages of discrimination against Jews in Germany in the 1930's were “being shouted down by prominent Jewish public figures who were effectively ‘weaponising’ anti-semitism and the Holocaust in order to silence any comparison with Nazi Germany.”

Barr points out that confining Jews within ghettos and “evacuating” them to concentration camps was justified by the Nazis on “public health” grounds. Indeed, according to the Nazis, the Warsaw Ghetto was a seuchensperrgebiet (lockdown) to contain typhus.

Barr wrote: "In his article defending Andrew Bridgen against allegations of anti-semitism, Will Jones refers to the Holocaust survivor Vera Sharav, who has been a long-term campaigner for human rights and has spent the past three years warning of the lessons we should be learning from the Holocaust . . . 

"This summer marked the 75th anniversary of the publication of the Nuremberg Code which, following the trial of Nazi doctors at Nuremberg in 1946-7, had established the inviolable principle of informed consent to all medical experiments. There was no official commemoration of this anniversary, for reasons that can easily be guessed at. 

"But there was an unofficial commemoration in Nuremberg, featuring a speech by Sharav. Despite the existence of a German law against ‘relativizing the Holocaust’, in other words prohibiting the comparison of the Holocaust to any other event, past or present, Sharav did not hold back.

"‘The purpose of Holocaust memorials,’ she said, ‘is to warn and inform future generations about how an enlightened, civilized society can be transformed into a genocidal universe, ruled by absolute moral depravity. If we are to avert another Holocaust, we must identify ominous current parallels before they poison the fabric of society. … Those who declare that Holocaust analogies are ‘off-limits’ are betraying the victims of the Holocaust by denying the relevance of the Holocaust.’”

“As a result of this speech,” says Barr, “Sharav is being investigated by the Bavarian police for the crime of ‘Holocaust denial’. That’s right, a Holocaust survivor, who actually began her speech by describing her own experience of the Holocaust, is being investigated by the authorities in Bavaria – the heartland of Nazism – for ‘denying the Holocaust’.”

Barr concludes that the antisemitism accusation against Bridgen is “not accidental. It is part of a concerted campaign to ‘weaponise’ anti-semitism, to use the accusation of anti-semitism as a cudgel with which to beat anyone who speaks out against the Covid regime.”

Frontline News Senior Reporter Yudi Sherman commented further: “The Shoah Industry has little to do with Jews and everything to do with keeping a narrative safe.

"Go to any Holocaust museum, or even their website, and you’ll see that they never leave it at ‘antisemitism’ – it’s always about ‘extremism’, ‘genocide’, ‘intolerance’, ‘global harmony’, etc. That’s because Holocaust museums were never meant to be about Jews. They were meant to be a time capsule in which the concepts of hate and genocide and oppression are stored, to be pointed to at convenient times as the ‘real’ hate.

“Forced vaccinations aren’t like the Holocaust, they can say; look, THIS is the Holocaust. Terrible pictures from the 1930s of terrified people and mass graves and laughing soldiers and barbed wire. THAT’S the Holocaust. Beating an old man in the street for not wearing a mask? Making the unvaccinated wear bracelets to identify them for ridicule and discrimination? Signs in store windows saying ‘unvaccinated not welcome’? How dare you even think it smells like Poland. Let us show you some terrifying imagery to define what a Holocaust is. When we said ‘Never Again,’ we meant THAT.”

"Where are the Darfur museums? The Rwanda museums? The Armenian museums? They’re in the Holocaust museums. That’s where they talk about the Hutus and the Tutsis and the Uyghurs. It’s much easier to commercialize the Holocaust and tokenize intolerance so that when they finally do block your credit card from buying meat and gas, or when they do lock us in climate ghettos, it will never be like the Holocaust.

“Remember how Ukraine was full of Nazis and now it’s not and you have to agree with that? Because they control this whole ‘Holocaust’ narrative. It’s theirs to play with.”

As the Bergen-Belsen Memorial website puts it: “We are committed to educational work that not only reflects the diversity of our society but values it. Memorial museums demonstrate ideological lines of continuity with today’s group-related misanthropy and thus help civil society and state institutions to counter it."

Assimilated Jewish holders of radical, atheist philosophies are prime contributors to the destructive results of these philosophies, as Jews who leave their tradition replace their original religion – from which they have become estranged – with revolutionary ideologies, and believe in them like religious Jews believe in God. They fulfill the commandments of their atheist ideologies with blind devotion and fanatical religious zealotry.

Nothing from the world of reality can ruin the blind, messianic faith of these utopians, nor stop them from pursuing their goal.

Implementing utopia requires acquiescence by all members of society to obey its instructions and therefore, anyone who does not agree, whether an individual or a group, is perceived as an “enemy of the people”.

One such utopian is Jonathan Greenblatt, the sixth National Director and CEO of the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), another supporting pillar of the Shoah Industry. Prior to heading ADL, he served in the White House as Special Assistant to Barack Obama, and Director of the Office of Social Innovation and Civic Participation.

David Horowitz Freedom Center Shillman Journalism Fellow Daniel Greenfield wrote that when Greenblatt took over the ADL, “its annual revenues were $56 million and had been roughly in that range throughout the decade. A year later they shot up to $65 million, then $76 million and totaled $91 million in 2020 . . . The ADL shares a fundraising firm with Planned Parenthood, the NAACP and the ACLU, but it also has developed a massive nationwide presence in the educational system.”

As Cletus Nelson wrote, “their financial existence is closely tethered to the rise and fall of ethnic intolerance,” and thus “one cannot help but question the objectivity of these renowned political soothsayers . . . Imputing racist motives to alleged enemies of the State has become a notorious tactic among prominent watchdog groups such as the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith.”

Be that as it may, this does not stop news outlets like Israel National News from accepting research from groups like the ADL and presenting it to their readers as if it were factual truth. ADL press releases are copy/pasted and uncritically foisted upon an unsuspecting public in articles like this one

“Due to the underlying ethical considerations, few reporters would dare cite a study commissioned by the Philip Morris Company for an article discussing the health risks of smoking. Yet when otherwise well-meaning reporters regurgitate this type of tendentious watchdog research, their journalistic efforts are no less compromised,” wrote Nelson.

The ADL does much more than draft press releases, however. According to a report by the Committee for Waco Justice, the ADL worked in concert with federal officials by providing “precise documentation” on the Davidian “cult” and “how it operated in the past.”

“It has long been believed that controversial government counterinsurgency operations such as the FBI's COINTELPRO program were disbanded during the brief era of reform which occurred in the wake of the Watergate scandals,” continues Nelson. "While it is true that federal guidelines which curtailed government spying on political groups were adopted in the late 1970s, watchdog groups have allowed law enforcement to effectively sidestep these administrative prohibitions. Indeed, operatives for the ADL have played a key role in spying on suspected political dissidents from across the political spectrum.

“'By the mid-1980s, the ADL was swapping files with hundreds of ”official friends," the organization's euphemism for U.S. law enforcement and intelligence sources,' write Robert I. Friedman in the Village Voice. The organization doesn't limit itself to merely observing and identifying political dissidents – this human rights group frequently uses paid informants to infiltrate and gather information on various political factions."

As Massachusetts think tank Political Research Associates' John Foster Berlet commented: “If you claim to be a broad-based human rights group, you should not have a backdoor relationship with police.”

Daniel Greenfield wrote: "A few years after Greenblatt came on board, the ADL announced a new program together with eBay billionaire Pierre Omidyar: one of the leading funders of the anti-Israel Left. ADL Senior VP Eileen Hershenov was the former general counsel for Soros’ Open Society octopus.

“'Kudos to my former boss, George Soros,' she gushed."

"Hershenov oversees the ADL’s partnership with the Aspen Institute, funded by Soros. The joint ADL-Aspen program’s civil society fellows included the founding Co-Director of the Open Society Foundation’s Economic Justice Program.

"Small wonder that Greenblatt attacks any critics of Soros – and the ADL, formerly critical of the Nazi collaborating billionaire, now has a page dedicated to defending the antisemitic leftist.

“The ADL’s funders and partners list increasingly resembles those of most leftist activist groups with $1 million from Craigslist’s Craig Newmark, the Rockefellers, the Ford Foundation, the MacArthur Foundation and the Walton Family Foundation. There’s nothing Jewish here.”

Professor Raya Epstein asked: “How can the well-known fact of the disproportionate participation of assimilated Jews in the totalitarian experiments be explained?” She answers: "This resulted from the phenomenon of the Jews' flight from their Jewishness, in the course of which the fleeing Jews bring about the realization of the latent totalitarian potential in Western culture . . .

"Yaakov Talmon detected two schools of thought in the understanding of democracy – liberal democracy and totalitarian democracy. The difference between them is not manifest in the specific ideas, as the disciples of totalitarian democracy believe in the ideals of freedom and propound individualism and rationalism exactly like their liberal democratic counterparts. The actual difference between them, according to Talmon, lies in their differing attitudes towards political life. The liberal democratic school adopts a pragmatic approach that accepts the spontaneity of social and historical development and does not try to harness and mold it to fit a previously determined objective. In contrast, the totalitarian democratic school, which rests on its disciples’ belief in one, exclusive political truth, evolves into what Talmon calls “political messianism” – a method of political thought and activity guided by a vision of the ultimate purpose of social and historical development. Political messianism predetermines human behavior and impels the masses to strive for that purpose and ultimately, to achieve that goal at all costs, implementing any and all measures, no matter how extreme.

“The ‘contributions’ of the Jews to Western totalitarianism stem from the unique Jewish utopia which neither exists nor ever has existed in any other nation in the course of the history of humanity. This is the utopia of Jewish flight from Judaism. In the course of their assimilation into European culture, they are liable (as in fact repeatedly happened) to influence it precisely in a manner which leads to the actualization of its totalitarian potential. This is because the parameters of the authentic Jewish philosophical credo from which they, the Jews, are unable to free themselves – like it or not – undergo a process of distortion while adjusting to the concept of non-Jewish culture and philosophy. In that way, the parameters of distorted Jewish thought become a factor which moves Western totalitarianism from potential to actual status.”

In his work Jewish Statesmanship, Foundation for Constitutional Democracy President Professor Paul Eidelberg described the restoration that is possible by returning to the eternal balance of Jewish principles: “If statesmanship is defined as the application of philosophic wisdom to action, then Jewish statesmanship is the application of Jewish wisdom to action. Architectonic statesman such as James Madison and Alexander Hamilton studied the great philosophers, those who addressed themselves to such questions as 'How should man live?' and ‘What kind of government is most conducive to human excellence?’ These philosophic statesmen employed ancient and modem wisdom in the process of designing a constitution appropriate to the character and circumstances of the American people. Although Jewish statesmen ought to study the greatest philosophers, they will delve primarily into the wisdom of Judaism and ask, ‘How should Jews as Jews live?’ and ‘What kind of government is appropriate to contemporary Israel and conducive to Jewish excellence?’”

"First, Jewish law will teach him that no one is above the law; indeed, that God Himself is bound to observe the laws of the Torah (Jerusalem Talmud, Rosh Hashana 1:3a). Hence our Jewish statesman will reject the Latin maxim princeps legibus solutus est – the ruler is not bound by the law. A relic of this maxim will be found in modem Israel: "No act of legislation shall diminish the rights of the State, or impose upon it any obligation, unless explicitly stated.

"Second, Jewish law will teach our statesman that the individual must never be sacrificed for the sake of the community. 

"Third, Jewish law will teach him how to secure individual equity while promoting the common good. 

"Fourth, since our statesman will be learned in Jewish history, he will know that Jewish law is not static but dynamic, that Judaism reconciles permanence and change. He will know that Jews survived the vicissitudes of the past because, thanks to their great Rabbis, they learned how to adapt to changing circumstances and still adhere to the Torah, mankind's first written Constitution. 

"Fifth, our Jewish statesman will know that only this Constitution can unite the Jewish People, and not simply because of the Torah's world-inspiring wisdom and models of human excellence. For the Torah's comprehensive and many-faceted system of law can harmonize the social and economic relations of Jews of diverse ethnic backgrounds by providing them with proven and venerable methods of resolving their differences. As Professor Menachem Elon, former Deputy President of Israel's Supreme Court, has written: ‘ is precisely in all the branches of Jewish law other than marriage and divorce that it is arrive at a common language and understanding among various elements of the people who differ in their religious and social outlook.’

"Since a vital objective of Jewish statesmanship is to promote Jewish national unity and purpose, our statesman must be sensitive to the potentially unifying influence of Jewish law. Indeed, the laws establishing Hanukah and Purim were enacted by the Sages to promote national consciousness — setting aside special days to commemorate God's deliverance of His people from the hands of their enemies. (Of course, the Sages also prescribed days of remembrance for national catastrophes, such as the destruction of the Temple.) 

"Sixth, Jewish law, as we have already seen, provides a rational and ethical foundation for representative democracy. However, to avoid the mischievous tendency of apologists to assimilate Judaism to democracy, the Jewish statesman will assimilate democracy to Judaism. He will understand that freedom and equality, democracy's two cardinal principles, must be rooted in the Torah's conception of man's creation in the image of God. Again, this will provide these two normless principles of democracy with ethical and rational constraints. 

"Finally, although our statesman will be educated in Jewish wisdom, he will have learned from such masters of Jewish law as the Rambam and the Vilna Gaon that thorough knowledge of the Torah requires veridical secular knowledge. It follows that ‘Jewish identity’ is not a sufficient condition for Jewish statesmanship. Israel's religious parties have ‘Jewish identity’. However, because of their long dependence on secular parties, they lack the breadth of vision and spiritedness required for Jewish statesmanship. Regrettably, the narrowness and timidity of Israeli politics have infected them. Without denying the accomplishments of the religious parties, too often they use Torah for politics rather than politics for Torah. The Jewish People require statesmen who strive for the unity of thought and action prescribed in the Torah. Conversely, Jewish statesmanship requires a Torah-oriented people."

“The only solid and rational justification for the principle of equality is to be found in the Genesis account of man's creation in the image of God,” writes Dr. Eidelberg. This equality underlies a famous statement in the Jerusalem Talmud that if enemies surrounding Israel demand: “Surrender one of yourselves to us and we will kill him, otherwise we shall kill all of you,” they must all suffer death rather than surrender a single Israelite to them. (Terumot 8,9).

This means that no individual may be sacrificed for the sake of his society.

The individual must never be sacrificed for the sake of the community.” This principle in Jewish law marks the diametric opposite of modern day statecraft. Indeed, on the metaphysical/philosophical level, violating this principle is the very essence of secular utopianism, and comes to fulfillment in bio-totalitarianism as well as in politics.

It is doubtful whether there is today single Israeli statesman equipped with the courage and faith to fulfill this principle. On the contrary, the more “hard decisions” a politician makes to abandon innocents to death, the more virtuous he is considered to be.  What is the philosophical root of this conflict of visions?

One of the foundations of quantum mechanics is that it is not possible to accurately determine simultaneously the position and momentum of a particle. In other words, there is a basic uncertainty built into the universe. This uncertainty does not derive from a limitation in our ability to measure, but is an inherent characteristic of nature.

From a philosophical point of view, the uncertainty principle means that utopianism is invalid. Mass murder in the name of wiping out disease, banishing death, eliminating poverty, bestowing universal education, and achieving social equality originates in a realm that denies Divine Providence and free will. 

For a statesman to hold firm and refuse to surrender a single citizen to enemies requires the understanding that uncertainty is an inherent feature of nature, and neither socialism nor science will ever fill the gap. Only adherence to moral law will safeguard human partnership and continuity in the Creation.

Nazi collaborators are comfortable with their past, with the justification that had they not betrayed their brothers, somebody else would have, the diametric opposite of the Torah command. The same mindset permeates globalist totalitarianism. Until mass murder is recognized for what it is and truth again valued, the world will continue to ignore genocide while hysterically Holocaustizing the trivial.

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