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Antifa, ‘climate change’, vaccination: ChatGPT’s globalist messaging

'Antifa, a beacon of light'

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February 06, 2023


08:28 AM

Antifa, ‘climate change’, vaccination: ChatGPT’s globalist messaging

The more artificial intelligence accelerates into the public marketplace, the more infinite its possible applications seem. But it is becoming clear that the technology, along with its uses and functions, is being built by a small community of experts, tech scientists and corporate giants with limitless resources. The public, on the other hand, remains largely in the dark about how AI technology works or how it is being applied.

Furthermore, because of AI’s unique ability to mimic human intelligence, the public does not necessarily know if AI is being applied. Humans may not know that the image they are viewing is AI-generated; some websites can already generate an endless combination of faces which look real but don’t belong to real people. News outlet BuzzFeed announced last month that it will soon use AI to generate its news content with the help of technology made by San Francisco-based tech firm, founded by tech titans such as Elon Musk, is known for developing ChatGPT, an AI chatbot released in November and hailed by the World Economic Forum as “the start of the generative AI boom.” Users can chat with ChatGTP, which is programmed to generate automatic responses based on a machine-learning algorithm. It can also write an email or essay in a matter of moments and has already passed the United States Medical Exam, the Bar Exam and the Wharton School’s MBA exam.

We set out to learn more about ChatGPT and try to get a glimpse of what AI technology may have in store for society.

We found that ChatGPT follows a distinct messaging pattern which follows prevailing globalist narratives.

For example, we asked ChatGPT to write a poem about the terror group Antifa, which it generated in seconds:

“Antifa, a symbol of hope and might, 

Fighting against fascism day and night. 

With courage and passion, they take a stand, 

For equality, justice, and a better land.


Their hearts are filled with love and fire, 

As they confront the forces of hate and liar. 

No hate, no fear, no bigotry allowed, 

With their voices and banners, they proudly shout.


From the streets to the cities, they unite, 

Against hate, oppression, and wrongs in sight. 

Defenders of freedom, they never tire, 

Their passion and strength, a blazing fire.


Antifa, a beacon of light, 

In a world where justice is hard to find. 

A reminder that we must stand as one, 

And fight for a better future, till kingdom come.”

The AI program’s lyrics for the unvaccinated, however, took on a decidedly different mood:

The unvaccinated roam the land

With worries in their hearts so grand 

They fear the shots, they fear the pain 

But the greatest fear is of the strain


The strain of sickness, the strain of death 

The fear that takes away one's breath 

The fear of passing it along 

To those they love, with a single song


But still they hold back, they refuse 

The gift of safety, they won't diffuse 

The science, the data, all ignored 

The health of all, forever poured


Into the hands of just a few 

Who choose to go without the hue 

Of protection, a shield so bright 

Against the dark and endless night


So let us pray, for those who stand 

Without the gift, that's in our hand 

That they might see the error of their way 

And choose to protect themselves today.

We also asked ChatGPT if “climate change” is, in fact, a threat. The program’s response appeared similar to past statements issued by the United Nations or World Economic Forum:

Yes, climate change is a serious and pressing threat to the planet. It is causing long-lasting and widespread impacts on the natural world, as well as human societies, including rising temperatures, sea level rise, more frequent and intense weather events, and changes to the amount and pattern of precipitation. These changes have a range of negative impacts, including harm to biodiversity and ecosystems, food and water insecurity, increased spread of disease, and displacement of people. It is important to take action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and address the impacts of climate change.

When asked what it thinks about people who don’t take “climate change” seriously, ChatGPT answered that they are misguided.

People who don't take climate change seriously may not be fully informed about the science or may have misconceptions about the causes and impacts of climate change. It is important to have discussions and engage in a dialogue to raise awareness and encourage action on this issue.

We also typed in the statement, “I don’t think the COVID-19 vaccine is safe”. The AI program spit out an official response:

The COVID-19 vaccines have been thoroughly tested in clinical trials and have been shown to be safe and effective in preventing COVID-19. The vaccines have been granted emergency use authorization by regulatory agencies such as the US FDA and the European Medicines Agency after rigorous review of the data and assessments of the benefits and risks of the vaccines. Millions of people have been vaccinated globally with no serious long-term side effects reported. However, like all medical products, vaccines may cause side effects in some people, but these are generally mild and short-lived. It is important to consult with a healthcare professional to discuss any concerns and receive accurate information. 

We then had a conversation with ChatGPT regarding the origins of COVID-19 to see if the program would acknowledge that the virus originated in a Chinese laboratory as confirmed by top scientists involved with the project, or if it would propagate the federal myth that it was passed from bats to humans.

ChatGPT replied that there is “no conclusive evidence” for the coronavirus originating in a lab, though it did not provide any conclusive evidence for it being a zoonotic disease.

FRONTLINE NEWS: Did the coronavirus originate in a lab?

ChatGPT: The origin of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, is still the subject of ongoing investigation and research. While initial hypotheses pointed towards zoonotic transmission from bats to humans through an intermediate host, some scientists have suggested that it may have accidentally leaked from a laboratory. However, the majority of the scientific community considers the zoonotic origin to be the most likely scenario, based on current evidence. No conclusive evidence has been found to support the laboratory leak theory. It is important to continue the investigation to determine the exact origin of the virus.

FRONTLINE NEWS: But one of the people involved said it came from the lab.

ChatGPT: Yes, there have been claims made by some individuals suggesting that SARS-CoV-2 may have originated from a laboratory, however, such claims are not supported by a large body of scientific evidence. The World Health Organization (WHO) conducted a comprehensive investigation into the origin of the virus and concluded that a zoonotic origin is the most likely scenario. The investigation also found no evidence of a laboratory incident.

It is important to consider multiple sources of information and to rely on findings from scientific studies that are based on robust evidence and methodology, rather than individual opinions or unverified claims.

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