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Exclusive interview: Ecuador court hears Doctors for Truth petition against Green Pass mandates

Plaintiff Dr Mauricio Quiñonez tells Frontline News: ‘The pharmaceutical company isn’t responsible for adverse effects, neither are governments, and neither is the Health Ministry, but if a person doesn’t inject the substance, he’s called irresponsible’

Posted by Frontline News Staff

January 20, 2022


08:16 AM

Exclusive interview: Ecuador court hears Doctors for Truth petition against Green Pass mandates

by Mordechai Sones, interview by AFLDS South America Coordinator Keren Macías

The Constitutional Court of Ecuador today will hear a petition by doctors’ and lawyers’ organizations and private citizens challenging Green Pass vaccine mandate restrictions declared by the South American country’s version of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), called the National Emergency Center of Operations (COE).

Naming COE Legal Representative and National Director police Captain Juan Ernesto Zapata Silva as a defendant, the complaint claims that the COE requirement that the National Health Authority “issue a technical standard to require mandatory presentation of a vaccine certificate for entry to public venues to any person over 12 years of age” is unconstitutional. The complaint also challenges police control and surveillance and enforcement measures, the requirement that the National Transit Agency prevent entry of passengers without a vaccine card to the various modes of transit, and the obligation to vaccinate children from the age of 5 years.


The complaint cites Ecuador’s constitution and international law. The constitution, approved by Ecuador’s electorate in a September 2008 constitutional referendum, is one of the first in the world to recognize the right to food.

Article 281, labelled Food Sovereignty, reads: "Food Sovereignty constitutes an objective and strategic obligation from the State to guarantee its people, communities, pueblos and nationalities self-sufficiency in healthy food, culturally appropriate in a permanent form."

Claiming the COVID restrictions violate constitutional norms and rights to freedom, the complaint also lists the constitutionally-protected right to equality and non-discrimination, and the right to access quality public and private goods and services. 

“The Right to personal integrity includes the prohibition of the use of genetic material and scientific experimentation that violate human rights,” say the complainants, including “the right to make free, responsible, and informed decisions about their health … the right to conscientious objection … the right to protection of personal data … the right of freedom that establishes that no person may be forced to do something prohibited or stopped from doing something not prohibited by law … the right of adolescents and young people to enjoy recreation … the right of persons with disabilities to access in an adequate manner all goods and services … and the right of everyone to dispose of goods and services of the highest quality, and to choose them freely.”


Besides citing Ecuador’s constitution, the complaint lists human rights violations contained in international treaties: the Universal Declaration on Bioethics and Human Rights (2005) of UNESCO, related to the autonomy of the individual to make decisions with free and informed consent, the fundamental equality of all human beings, discrimination and stigmatization, fundamental freedoms, and human dignity; the Declaration of Human Rights (1948) on equal protection before the law against discrimination and any provocation to such discrimination; Nuremberg Code (1947), in general dealing with how experiments on human beings are to be carried out, and the established limits; Declaration of Helsinki (1964), dealing with how medical research in humans is to be conducted, indicating the need for informed consent for participation in medical research.

“Food and nutrition are fundamental rights called rights to a dignified life, enshrined in Article 66, Numeral 2 of our Constitution,” the complaint reads, “which only in nefarious and shameful episodes of our history (as in Nazism) have heartless individuals dared to violate, that humanity remembers with repudiation and disgust; however, this right is being violated by the national COE…

“In its illegitimate resolutions of December 21, 2021 and January 3, 2022, the national COE directly and wantonly violates the right of a segment of Ecuadorian citizens to access several of these public and private services, attacking constituents with these provisions, and ignoring the fact that their actions must comply with the Constitution and the laws of our country.

“The inhuman acts of experimentation on people, committed under the Nazi regime at the time of the Second World War, provided the impetus for the guideline to incorporate in treaties, conventions, and other international instruments, the prohibition of the use of genetic material and scientific experimentation, which have been correctly included in our Constitution, as one of the rights to personal integrity of citizens, considering that such practices violate human rights.

“In the case at hand, it is appropriate to point out that the substances called ‘vaccines’ did not fully comply with the preclinical and clinical stages that science establishes before their release to the market, as has been admitted by the same manufacturers, as is general and worldwide knowledge, therefore, these laboratories have not been responsible for their effects, refusing in their contracts to assume compensation, which the Ecuadorian government does not assume either; however, and despite the fact that in the same vaccination card or certificate, it is indicated that the vaccine is NOT MANDATORY, the national COE, through its unconstitutional resolutions of December 21, 2021 and January 3, 2022, coerces the population to get vaccinated, suppressing the constitutional rights of those who do not want to be vaccinated.

“The freedom of autonomy that every human being has, universally recognized by all International Treaties and Instruments, is reflected in our Constitution in its Article 66, Numeral 10, indicating that Ecuadorians enjoy the right to make free, responsible, and informed decisions about their health…

“It is inadmissible that a committee such as the COE, through its unconstitutional resolutions of December 21, 2021 and January 3, 2022, in a bold and arbitrary way, seeks to appropriate the will of the citizen, violating their right to make their own decisions in a free, responsible and informed way, acting – without any legal power – as if it were a fascist regime that subjugates those of us who are actually part of its constituents…

“The harmful resolutions of the national COE led by Captain Juan Zapata Silva, issued on December 21, 2021 and January 3, 2022, seriously injure the freedoms of citizens who, freely and sovereignly, have decided not to submit themselves to an experimental vaccine, putting these citizens in a situation of slavery, one of the most execrable and condemnable practices that can exist.”

America’s Frontline Doctors (AFLDS) South America Coordinator Keren Macías spoke to one of the plaintiffs in the case, Doctors for Truth Ecuador Founder Dr. Mauricio Quiñonez. Born in Puerto Bolivar in the province of Oro, married and a father of four, Dr. Quiñonez specializes in general surgery.


Regarding deaths listed as COVID-caused in his country, Dr. Quiñonez says the wrong protocols were used to attend to those cases.  “They were dismantling health in the country because they used another pathology, they instilled fear in us that we were going to die, there were deaths of people and it was not  known if it was COVID or not and for those deaths nobody is responsible, those erroneous protocols that made health professionals and patients lose their lives; the only culprit is the WHO and all the supposed experts who implemented these protocols worldwide.”

He continues: “I heard one doctor say that unvaccinated patients should pay the state health service for not having been vaccinated. That is unethical, because doctors are forgetting why they became doctors.  The pharmaceutical company is the one that has co-opted the Hippocratic oath that doctors made, saying evidence-based medicine, but the truth is that whoever dominates the evidence is the one who dominates medicine.  With so much misinformation we have to help humanity with alternative treatments because what we’re seeking is to save them.”

Dr. Quiñonez says that the issue is to have common sense, not who is right. He does not consider himself anti-vaccine: “The fact is they are subjecting society to a gene experiment, they must be honest and provide informed consent so that each individual who is vaccinated knows he is part of an experiment, it is unknown what products the experimental substance has, the pharmaceutical company is not responsible for the adverse effects that may exist, neither are governments, and neither is the Health Ministry, but if a person doesn’t inject the substance, he’s called irresponsible. So that situation leads to you wanting people to be informed on both sides, these vaccines have been experimented with since 2005 but all the trials have failed.”


Dr. Mauricio Quiñonez joins allied citizen’s organizations on Thursdays, when they go out to the streets of the main artery of the city of Guayaquil.  They already have some congregations and social groups that have joined along with the marches and demands through the social networks. “These so-called vaccines are a Trojan horse,” Dr. Quiñonez says. “First, they force you to vaccinate, then, later they will demand control over where we go, with whom we go, and what to decide in our lives. They want total control.”

Regarding the omicron variant, Dr. Quiñonez says: “The Spanish government and the Argentine government say they have not sequenced the natural virus, but this information is dismissed by doctors because they say it’s fake news.

“The vast majority know it’s an experiment, and the ones who are emitting the variants are those who received the gene therapy. This is already recognized by many people who do the science, and the most serious thing is that they are injecting our children and the WHO itself doesn’t recommend that.”

“In Spain, the government was questioned and sued for deficient handling of the pandemic. This doesn’t come to light in the mainstream media. The use of masks, social distancing, lockdowns - in the middle of the 21st century we have to lock up the healthy - the sick must be locked up. This generated suicides, deaths due to lack of medical attention because if they didn’t have COVID they weren’t attended. These issues are not treated openly. The pandemic was handled with terror and not with technique, the number of deaths seen in Ecuador is doubtful because autopsies weren’t performed, and this we must demand of the doctors, because to learn we must perform autopsies of those who die.”

In closing, Dr. Quiñonez says the pandemic ends when we turn off the TV, the pandemic ends when we lose our fear: “The pandemic ends when we take responsibility for our own health. Remember that the government does not want us healthy, but sick, because that is its business, and if it manages to make us mentally ill, it creates even more business because they already have us paranoid. 

“Society is self-destructing, we are destroying the most valuable thing we can make on this planet - future generations! When subjected to these inoculations, parents will see the results as the child develops, and when he presents problems, I hope to be there so I can lend you a hand.”


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