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VAIDS in children: More hard evidence of negative clinical outcomes

Igor Chudov

Sep 18, 2023


02:17 PM

Warning: This article contains information about COVID-19. To better protect yourself from government-sponsored misinformation please visit Frontline News' Frontline Pedia.

A couple of weeks ago, I reported on an Australian study showing a marked decline of innate immune responses in children 5-11 years old after their COVID vaccinations.

That article created quite a reaction on social media. Two fact-checks were published. I discussed one of them.

Scientists Speak Up

Three authors of the original Frontiers’ study made this published statement:

Their statement is worth carefully reading in full. They ask not to interpret their findings negatively because they “did not investigate the clinical consequences of these changes.” They also say, “We do not know how long they last.” Are they saying that if these reductions in immune responses to common pathogens do not last forever, they are okay? I am not sure.

The truly interesting part of their writing comes next. They say (underlined in blue), “We have found similar changes in the immune response after BCG vaccination in infants.”

This is interesting for a very important reason! The original study that gave impetus to my “Covid vaccine causes VAIDS in children” post lacked a control group. The immune reactions of children who participated in that study were compared to their own immune state before vaccinations. There was no other separate, unvaccinated control group. Brian Mowrey noted that, and he is right - the study could benefit from a control group.

The authors themselves dismissed the idea of a control group as unethical:

Limitations include the inability to include an unvaccinated control group due to the ATAGI recommendation for all children aged 5 to 11 years to receive the BNT162b2 vaccine. It was unethical to randomise children into an unvaccinated, placebo or delayed vaccination group, given that ATAGI recommended the BNT162b2 vaccine for the age group of interest and that Melbourne was experiencing a surge in COVID-19 cases in the community during the study period.

And yet, the authors of the Frontiers study, in their follow-up statement, mentioned the BCG vaccine and gave us a path to a roundabout way to have a control group of the Covid study - of sorts.

We can compare Covid-vaccinated children to BCG-vaccinated children!

BCG Effect Vs. Pfizer Vaccine Effect

The authors of the Frontiers study say in their follow-up statement that the BCG-vaccinated children experienced “similar changes” to Covid-vaccinated children.

Is that true?

Are the changes in immune function caused by these two vaccines similar, as the authors claim?

Let’s look. Dr. Curtis possibly refers to this BCG study from 2018 that he conducted with co-authors:

The chart from the above BCG study has a deceivingly similar appearance to the Pfizer vaccine study.


Reminder: the Pfizer vaccine study has a chart that appears, at first sight, to look similar:



However, the only thing similar between their charts is that each has a bunch of sub-charts. They might look “similar” to someone not paying attention.

First, these charts are organized differently: the BCG chart has sub-charts for every pathogen, detailing various immune responses to each. The COVID vaccine chart has sub-chart for every immune response, listing changes in that immune response to every pathogen. In other words:

The BCG chart goes from pathogens to immune responses

The COVID chart goes from immune responses to pathogens.

The Pfizer vaccine chart has a much wider logarithmic scale to accommodate much greater immune function declines measured.

You can compare the two sub-charts from each of the charts, enlarged:


You can see that the BCG study has immune responses nicely grouped by pathogen (Staphylococcus Aureus in my example above). The COVID vaccine effect study has pathogens grouped by immune responses. So they are organized differently. That is shown with red arrows.

Sadly, this makes comparing these studies difficult, but I will try to help.

Let’s zero in on Staphylococcus aureus, a common pathogen that our bodies encounter frequently.

The picture's entire left side (the BCG side) is devoted to S. Aureus. The right side (from the COVID study) shows IL-6 responses, but one of them is for S. Aureus, so we can compare Covid vs. BCG vaccine.

In blue, I show how the IL-6 immune response to Staphylococcus aureus changed by only -27% for the BCG vaccine but dropped ten times for the COVID vaccine!

The BCG chart shows very small declines in immune responses to S. Aureus, in all cases statistically indistinguishable from no change. Most changes are minor, around minus 5-15% or so. Look at the BCG part for S. Aureus again:


Now look at changes in immune response to the same pathogen S. Aureus, spread throughout the COVID vaccine chart. The COVID chart is scaled logarithmically, so position -1 means a 10x decline. Indeed, many functions show an approximately 4-10 times decline. I marked those with a sad face:


Compared to utterly minor declines in immune response to S. Aureus parameters from the BCG vaccine, there are massive, many-times declines in the same parameters for the COVID vaccine.

Not good! It suggests a very significant deterioration in immune response.

Disclaimer: The children in the BCG and COVID studies are not directly comparable. They are of different ages and were not ideally matched. To those who like to dismiss alarming signals because they come from an imperfect comparison, please remember that the “COVID Science” fought tooth and nail against any attempt to study the safety of Covid vaccines and their immune consequences in children. So, these comparisons are all we have, sadly.

Moderna Children's Study Shows Vaccinated Kids Much Sicker

Our astute reader FS, who runs FastScience substack, pointed out signs of problems with vaccinated children in the Moderna kids vaccine study. Click here to view page 165 of the FDA document.

With red, I highlighted the health problems of children who received the Moderna vaccine. With green, I highlighted (only one) child in the placebo group who got quite sick.

You can see how much sicker the vaccinated children are! They are admitted to hospitals with COLDS, fevers, febrile seizures, and many other problems. In this instance, vaccination or placebo was assigned by random chance, eliminating any confounders.




I crossed out clearly unrelated entries (foreign object in airway, egg allergy etc).

Sadly, the rest of the entries depict very ill COVID-vaccinated children hospitalized for ordinary colds, febrile seizures, otitis, pneumonia, and so much more.

Only one sick child was unvaccinated. (marked with green)

Read that again and let that sink in.

Moderna investigators ruled all of these events unrelated. Were they truly unrelated? How come only one placebo child was sickly? Were the vaccinated children unable to mount an effective immune response to ordinary pathogens surrounding us and ended up hospitalized, re-admitted to hospitals, etc.?

Serious adverse events

In Part 2, from Dose 1 through the data cutoff, SAEs were reported in 15 mRNA-1273 recipients (0.9%) and 1 placebo recipient (0.2%). Twelve SAEs were assessed by the study investigator as not related to investigational product, and 4 SAEs in 2 mRNA-1273 recipients were assessed by the study investigator as related. “

Isn’t the above evidence of VAIDS (Vaccine Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome)?

VAIDS is a colloquial term used to describe decreases in immunity following COVID vaccination. It does not, as of now, have an accepted scientific definition. However, with these new studies, we are coming closer to having data that allows us to measure changes described by this term.

Was Evidence Destroyed?

I hope that one day, honest scientists and investigators will get to the bottom of this situation. When they look at it, they will find all original “Covid vaccine” doses destroyed, records deleted, etc.

Covid vaccine, fortunately, is no longer recommended for children in Australia, where the original study was done. The Curtis et al. study is impossible to replicate with the original COVID vaccine!

So, sadly, we have millions of children needing to use hospital resources instead of enjoying their previously healthy childhoods - and there is no way to find out the exact mechanism of what happened to them!

The immune changes Australian scientists measured are real and affect millions of COVID-vaccinated children.

Their mothers wanted the best for them and trusted Pfizer and Moderna. All of these children’s parents had the best intentions - but they trusted the wrong people and got their children injected with unproven substances that caused their immunity to decline dramatically. The immune response of children was not tested before the vaccination campaign - instead, it was found, almost by accident, two years after children got their mystery shots.

This article was originally published in Igor’s Newsletter and is republished here with permission 

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