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Vaccine uptake and deaths - Where are we heading?

Thorsteinn Siglaugsson

Sep 14, 2023


11:19 PM

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According to calculations published by Covid19 Saving the Next Generation (link below) on Substack, there is now no doubt left that the Covid-19 vaccines are substantially increasing excess deaths from all causes in England. This claim can be made now, as all the data needed are now available; vaccination status, excess deaths and number of doses, all by age group.

While indications of this have appeared over and over again, the difference now is how all the pieces in the puzzle are now there. It is not possible to refute the conclusion by suggesting a difference in vaccine uptake by age-group explains the data, since the age stratification is available. The graph below shows the comparison between unvaccinated and those vaccinated by three doses for the 18-39 age-group. As we see, the final point in the graph shows 57.2% of all-cause deaths are among those vaccinated with three or more doses, while this group represents 42.6% of the total. This means the deaths among those triple+ vaccinated are almost 35% higher than should be expected if the vaccine did nothing.

The breakdown by causes of death is not available here. This may be heart disease or other adverse effects from the vaccine, and there is little doubt this has an effect. After all those vaccines bring one serious adverse effect for every 800 vaccinated. But another explanation may be how the vaccination increases the likelihood of catching Covid-19, as I’ve discussed on this blog earlier, referencing a study published late last year showing how the probability of infection doubles with each vaccine dose received.

The most worrying thing about those data however, is the trend. As we see from my unscientific blue trend line (I haven’t had the time do dive into the spreadsheets yet), the probability of death for the triple+ vaccinated keeps growing with time. And this goes for the other groups as well, those with one and two doses. Over the past year, the proportion of the triple vaccinated has been almost unchanged, but the proportion of all-cause deaths among them keeps growing, and that growth doesn’t seem to be slowing down.

If those calculations are correct, and I have seen no indication that they aren’t, the worst of my worries are now being confirmed. I will make do with presenting those findings now and say no more for the time being; this is simply still sinking in.

This article was originally published in From Symptoms to Causes and is republished here with permission 

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